​​​​We do not 'blast through' this magnificent country we cruise through and study it and drink in its natural beauty. We stop when we feel like it either to look at scenery whatever we feel like doing. It is a laid back pace. We have been doing this long enough to know where the good camping spots are.But at times we just have to take what is there, we almost never camp in an official campground but if need be we do. You have three basic choices: 

  1- Our classic Harleys & camping @ $2300  or 

  2-New Bikes of your choice and economical motels @ $3300 or

  3- New bikes of your choice and First Class Motels @ $3600.

WHAT DOES IT COST ME & What do I get for it?  Just $ 2300 IF YOU RIDE OUR HARLEYS & CAMP OUT: The fee for the trip is $2300 if you chose our classic Harleys and camping out.We cook your meals at the campsite mostly too which includes your Harley and gas & guided tour. You pay for meals at any resturant/bar we stop at. We provide the meals when camping and they are good too.  Good people this is  a dam good price for what might be the adventure of your lifetime! We can take any credit card.​good price for what might be the adventure of your life!

$3200If you chose to stay in economical motels and chose a new motorcycle of your choice. You pay for your meals.

$3600  If you want the best Motels available and brand new bikes of your choice. You pay for your meals

Myself and Joe on the road. Joe & I have been doing this for 30 + years together. These are young ladies we sort of met on the road. The mountain in the background is Monarch Pass and our route can take us through there.


THIS IS OUR BASIC ROUTE BELOW. A great circle starting and ending at my rancho home. It is just under 1000 miles. and its' an easy ride in  6 days for sure.

 I am not quite the character "Pete Savage" I  created in my DOG SOLDIER  MC  novels series. But it is a real hoot to ride this trip through the  southwest, the  road is always an adventure.You can get my

 DOG  SOLDIERS MC novels most easily as a download E-book on amazon.com  at  the URL




 Here is the deal and your chance for a real adventure, and no it is not for everyone for sure. As I see it.... life is the adventure that  YOU make of it..or else it is something much less.

  We supply the Harleys,the camping gear and I am your  guide. The trip is 1000 miles in 6 days, so it is a relaxed  pace for sure. (if you chose the camping option)

That is about 166 miles a day or less so it's a 'cake  walk' and not a 'hard blistering ride'. We might do more or less on the road it depends on what you want really. What comes up on the road 'comes up on the  road'  that's the way it's always been.

 We leave from my place outside of Colorado Springs in the Colorado mountains near Lake George which is 90 minutes west of Colorado Springs. 

We pick you up at the  Colorado Springs Airport and drive you up to my property.  We have a BBQ dinner that night and get to know each other a bit.

 The next day we go for 'day ride' and return to my place before dark so that you can get the 'feel of the bike'.We do not ride the bikes after dark even on the trip.

I prefer to camp out as a rule and that is the way I have been doing it for 30 years + now. Hell it's really a part of the real 'hoot of great time' camping out.

We pay for all gas and anything we cook at the campsite.You pay for any meals you might want at a cafe or whatever. And we stop at bars and restaurant from time to time. all for $2300.I feel this is the "True way"

OPTION ONE:WE stay in Economical motels  and you ride w new bike of your choice: $3200

OPTION THREE- WE stay in first class motels & you chose the new bike of your choice $3600



 YOUR GUIDE: Peyton Quinn  You can  learn more about    your guide, Peyton Quinn, byclicking here, or entering  his name in any search engine!

MAY 7th to 14th, JUNE 18th to 26th,  AUGUST 13- 21 : 2017-  You arrive at the Colorado Springs Airport Saturday

& we pick you up. The next day we take a scenic 'Day Ride' so you can get the feel of your bike. After the 6 day bike Trip

we get you back on  the next Saturday &,party out ,watch video of your trip &  get you back to the airport on Sunday.

We start from my mountain home and we return there. (<= 1000 miles or 1600 KM)

What we offer you! It is a GREAT ADVENTURE & A GREAT BARGAIN TOO Especially when you choose the Softail Classics we have and elect to camp out!

PLEASE Click video image  to stop video & MUSIC

We will at times ride on Tribal Lands at the grace of the NAVAJO and APACHE tribes and Utes. It can be dam interesting too!


& Arches NP